40 days Sadhana – JapJi

After my last White Tantric on Nov 10,  I decided to start a 40 days Sadhana reading JapJi each morning. I always really loved the sound of it  but could not recite along with the recording. The words seem to be too hard and unfamiliar to read. So the time has come to learn it, I thought.

I started with a slow recording, 34 mins by Sat Hari Singh and Hari Bhajan Kaur from their “Song of the Soul” recording. It was easier to start with as the rhythm is easy to follow and read along.

On a Day 5, to my surprise I could read along the whole JapJi. It was not that hard after all. And it was not that long as it seemed before. I started to really enjoy and sing along.

Today is Day 28, I could recite along with a much faster recording by Karta Sing and Friends from Sadhana for the Peaceful Warrior. It is only 15 minutes and done in tantric way, with male and female voices interchanging. Great version when you are short on time in the morning :)

I found that some lines from morning reciting of JapJi are playing in my head all day long. To further advance my study of this sacred text, I bought this book titled “JapJi  The path of Devotional Meditation” to go deeper into understanding of meaning of JapJi Pauris. From description: “The book contains a brief life sketch of Guru Nanak, his basic beliefs, translation of Japji text, and passage by passage commentary. The book also contains a 14 point model for leading spiritual life in accordance with Guru Nanak’s teachings. The book is unique in the sense that it contains the first gender-neutral presentation of Japji in modern North American English.”

If  reading JapJi seems  too hard for you, I would recommend trying reading along with the recording. Perhaps, you will just listen first few times, then repeat along some lines. You will not even notice, that after a while you will read full JapJi! All you have to do it just do it. Every morning. For 40 days.

Good luck! :)

-Mahanbir Kaur

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