A shortcut to finding a perfect man (yogini way)

You don’t’ need just any man. You don’t need a perfect saint. You need your man, the one that was destined for you from the very beginning. The one that Universe has planned to unite you with a long time ago. The one with whom you will build your happily-ever-after. The one that you will walk with, hand in hand, to higher realms of the Divine.

In Kundalini yoga, there is an excellent tool that helps you to attract your man into your life. This simple technique has been tested by generations of women prior to us and continues to serve as an ideal tool for healing relationships with men. I tested it personally myself and always share it with my girlfriends, who are looking to find their perfect partner or are going through difficult times with the current partner.

This tool is recitation of So Purkh – a powerful mantra or shabad (a longer mantra composition). When recited regularly, it can bring miraculous changes to a woman’s psyche, helping her to manifest a man of high consciousness. Yogi Bhajan taught women to recite this shabad 11 times a day for important men in their lives: son, father, husband. You can recite this mantra to heal your relationship with men, for a specific man, or to attract a man into your life. For women, who are in relationship, this shabad can help to dissolve negativity between her and her partner and elevate their partnership to new heights.

So Purkh was originally written by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru, from a place of higher consciousness as a direct experience of the Divine. The words of the shabad describe and celebrate the Divine Masculine and its qualities.

Where do I  find it?

Here you can find a full text of So Purkh in Pdf format. The shabad is longer than usual Kundalini mantras. Do not get frustrated if pronunciation seems hard at first. Give it at least 5-7 tries (reciting it 11 times a day). For me, it became much easier to recite So Purkh after first 5 days. There are several recordings that I used in my practice:

Nirinjan Kaur – So Purkh [iTunes link]

Prabhu Nam Kaur – So Purkh [Spirit Voyage link]

Prabhu Nam’s CD comes with a beautiful booklet that has a lot of valuable information on practice of So Purkh, correct pronunciation guide, and explanations of mantras and Naad (sound) Yoga.

How to practice it?

Try committing to 40 days of practice. Recite So Purkh reading from PDF along with the recording 11 times a day. Entire recitation takes about 30 min to complete. I personally do it before my main kriya in the morning, right after I tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

You can also surround yourself with the vibration of So Purkh by putting it at home or in your car while commuting. Play this shabad on repeat and let it envelop you in its vibration.

Another effective way ( if you are not ready to spend 30 min each morning reciting it) is to put it on low volume while you sleep. Listening to mantras when sleeping is a good practice in general, but So Purkh has been particularly effective for me this way. Just let your recording run on repeat all night. I love waking up to the sound of Nirinjan’s voice.

From personal experience

From my personal experience of practicing this shabad, both listening and reciting, I can say that it is extremely effective. From healing pain of losing my loving father to uniting me with my man, I attribute these things to practice of So Purkh. Some of my girlfriends, after practicing So Purkh, experienced increased attention from men in a very graceful way.

What I found with So Purkh is that it changes your psyche. Your mind changes  in a way that helps you to see God in men. This shabad works by opening you up to inner thoughts about masculine. The changes that are happening within you attract the perfect man in your life or help you to elevate your current relationship with your man.

A couple of years back, at Summer Solstice in New Mexico, I attended a workshop on So Purkh, where women shared their experiences with this shabad. It has been amazing to hear the miracles that these women witnessed when reciting So Purkh for their men. One of them was  reciting it to help her husband recover from debilitating disease, another woman recited it to heal relationship with her then boyfriend, now husband. All women agreed that this practice is very powerful.

Yogi Bhajan on So Purkh:

“You might sing this shabd as Gurbani, because for you it is Gurbani, but if you can perfect this shabd, God can appear before you, just as you can command a person into your presence. The vibratory effect of this shabd is so powerful, so par-excellent that the Par-excellent and Yonder Excellence of the Excellent can manifest in person, in the shape of a man, in the presence of the one who has perfected this shabd. There are many beautiful shabds in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which are very powerful. Well, they’re all powerful, but we do know about So Purkh. So Purkh is the one shabd, chanted by Guru Ram Das, through which a person can manifest the Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient God – in personality- in one’s own presence.”


I would love to hear about your experience with So Purkh.

One comment

  1. I’ve done So Purkh for 17 days now (trying for the third time in my life), and what I find is that I experience rage towards men. It’s like everywhere I see, there are articles and reports about and by women who have been sexually harassed by men on public transportation, in taxis; and the classic: if they speak out in public, they are harassed online and men tell them that they should be “raped into common sense” or “you just need a good f*** and then you’ll be alright”. I’ve been single for 7 1/2 years now, and am chanting 11 So Purkhs in one go at some point during the day (using Nirinjan Kaur’s version on my iPod), and I try my best to envision myself happy with my mysterious prince charming, but my mind wanders a lot. But I guess it’s a part of the magic of the mantra, that one goes through different emotions. I did Gobinday Mukunday before bedtime a few times a while ago, and once dreamt of being on a ship with every guy I’d had a crush on. Fingers crossed I will make it to Day 40, and that I will find happiness and love.

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