About me

Olga Mahanbir KaurSat Nam!

My name is Olga Mahanbir Kaur and I warmly welcome you to my website.

I am Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner, iPhone applications developer, cook, painter, and a beginner Vedic astrologer.

My name means Great Brave Soul.

My mission:

I made this website with a sincere desire to inspire you onto the path of exploring your womanhood. I would like to share my knowledge and Kundalini yoga tools that will help you unfold the Divine Goddess that you already are!

It’s my desire to:

  • Provide you with tools and techniques for self-mastery as woman, that will help you develop deep self-respect and appreciation for who you are.
  • Share the ancient Vedic wisdom on facets of womanhood, woman’s nature and her life cycles.
  • Show you how to develop intuition – your internal guidance system – and trust it!
  • Turn you into a confident, radiant, whole Goddess who realizes her full power and potential.


I was born and raised in the eastern Siberian town of Irkutsk, Russia. Since arriving in the US in 2002, I have been practicing various styles of yoga. It was not until few years later I discovered transformational power of Kundalini Yoga.

Since 2010, I have been honored to study with my beloved teacher Guru Rattana. At her special course “Gift of Womanhood”, we explored various facets of a woman such as her identities, her power of prayer, self-love, and her ability to create healing space of love. This course prepared me to teach Kundalini Yoga classes designed specifically for women. Few years later I finished the Aquarian Teacher program at San Francisco Kundalini Yoga Ashram.

Kundalini yoga transformed my life and I would like to share this wonderful technique with you. I invite you on a journey to discover your inner potential, beauty, wisdom, and vast resources for self-healing and self-love within you.

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”  – Yogi Bhajan