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Kirtan Kriya Timer in iTunes ($1.99)

Kirtan Kriya Timer is designed to help you practice Kirtan Kriya without a need to worry about time intervals.  The times can be adjusted to 11, 12, 31, 62 minutes or 2.5 hours. Audio cues will guide you through the steps, so you can enjoy Kirtan Kriya without interruption.

Application features include:

* Tap screen to start or pause your practice.
* Update settings to change the length of your practice to 11, 12, 31, or 62 minutes.
* Read through easy-to-follow instructions and benefits of Kirtan Kriya in Settings section.
* Screen autolock will prevent the screen from dimming during your practice, so you can follow the progress seamlessly.

Customer Reviews:

I was struggling with finding a way to time Kirtan Kriya and had struggled with timing apps which didn’t quite do what I needed. Eventually I came across this app which is perfect for what I wanted – times are sounded by an unobtrusive gong so you know when to change. Instructions are simple and easy to understand. I can’t imagine completing 2.5 hours but maybe one day! Excellent app for this wonderful meditation _/\_

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