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Quotes by Yogi Bhajan on iTunes (Free)

Free iPhone application that lets you read through more than 200 rare and famous Yogi Bhajan Quotes. I hope you will get elevated and inspired by having these quotes on your iPhone.

This application includes such famous quotes by Yogi Bhajan as:
It is the birthright of every human being to be healthy, happy, and holy.
Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience. Develop your courage to overcome your imagined disability.
You owe it to yourself to be yourself.

Application features include:

* Swipe right or left to go to your next or previous quote
* Bookmark your favorite quotes by clicking “Add” button
* Access a list of favorite quotes by clicking “Bookmarks” button
* Delete bookmark by clicking “Remove” button on the menu or swiping across it on Bookmarks screen
* Share Yogi Bhajan’s wisdom on social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
* Or simply Email and SMS quotes to your friends and family
* Quotes are randomized every time you start your application
* Enjoy light, crisp, and intuitive user interface
* No ads!

Customer Reviews:

Simple, sweet, and straight to the point… I’m enjoying opening up to a new quote each day. The bookmarking feature is useful for keeping track of favorites.

A great source of inspiration.

I love reading these quotes everyday. They help deeply to restore balance.

Yogi Bhajan quotes always provide a pertinent message and help me deepen into my practice both as a teacher and student of Kundalini yoga. Not just for yogis, magnificent for all who want to become leaders of their destiny and understand the interrelatedness of everything. Sat Nam

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