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Sadhana Tracker

Sadhana Tracker ($1.99)

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice. By practicing a certain meditation, mantra, or kriya (set of exercises) every day, you can permanently change an aspect of your consciousness. There is a natural rhythm to habits in the body and mind:

40 days of consistent practice will break habits
90 days will establish a new habit in you conscious and subconscious minds
120 days will make a newly created habit a part of you
1000 days will give you a mastery of that aspect

Sadhana Tracker is designed to help you stay committed to your practice.

App Features:

– Set your goal (40,90,120, or 1000 days)
– Check in every day to track your progress
– View your progress in a monthly and daily views
– Add daily notes to record your thoughts about the practice
– Get daily reminder about your sadhana
– Share your progress with friends on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
– Keep history of your completed Sadhanas


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