Kundalini Yoga for women. Beautiful hair natural way - 5 easy tips.

Beautiful hair natural way – 5 easy tips

When I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, I began growing my hair.  I don’t remember making a special decision about it,  but remember that it  felt natural and right for the moment. So I just let my hair be and stopped cutting it every month. And as somebody, who always had short haircuts before, and who has long hair now, I must say to all women: your beauty is in your hair. It is your crowning glory as a woman.

Aside from the beauty aspect, kundalini yogis consider long hair a gift of Nature and pay special attention to it. Uncut hair works as a subtle antenna for the body maintaining it’s electromagnetic health. In fact, the hair is so important that the ancient word for consciousness kundalini derives from the word kundal which means “a coil of the beloved’s hair.”

With proper care and these simple techniques that I found particularly helpful, you can keep your hair naturally strong, beautiful, and shiny without the need to cut it regularly.

1. Don’t wash your hair every day

Your natural oils will prevent your hair from going dry and having split ends.

2. Air dry your hair

After you wash you hair, detangle it, and let it dry naturally. Never brush your hair while it is still wet to prevent stretching and breaking it.

3. Use a wooden comb

Brushing your hair with wooden comb twice a day for five minutes keeps your hair supplied with oils and massages the scalp. “For the normal health of your eyes, menstrual cycle, and long maintenance of your youth, it is obligatory  to use a wooden comb. Comb the hair up, forward, back, down, and so on. This is for circulation and stimulation of the scalp. The wooden comb acts  to stabilize the magnetic field and prevents breakage of the ends of the hair shaft.”(from “I am a woman” book)

4. Take a spoon of raw oil every day

Taking a table spoon of natural, cold-pressed oil every morning is very beneficial for women, especially over the age of 28. Olive, sesame, or almond oils are excellent source of protein and are great for keeping skin and hair healthy. My hair transformed just after five days of taking a spoon of sesame oil every day.

5. Yogurt Mask and Bath

I must admit this sounded ‘yack’, until I actually tried it. For your yogurt mask, you can use any natural unflavored yogurt from a regular food store. Yogurt is also very good for skin, so you can massage it into your scalp, over your hair and an entire body. Take a warm bath, letting the water become milky, creamy color from the yogurt on your skin. Soak for at least half an hour and then wash it off. Try this ancient secret, it is actually quite pleasant and leaves your hair and skin silky smooth.

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