Five tips for relaxation

Learning how to relax is one of the essential skills for every woman. In fact,

Woman’s spiritual path is the path of relaxation.
- Guru Rattana

A relaxed woman is automatically intuitive. She is able  to follow her inner guidance system,  which never fails her. She is available to receive and is in tune with herself. She is simply in the flow. When we see a relaxed woman, the power is evident. 

However, the fact of life is we become stressed and that leaves us numb. We become numb to the instinctual messages, to our body, to feelings in our heart. Do you know how to tell if the woman is stressed? She cannot stop “doing” things, she is constantly doing something and makes herself very busy, cleaning, sorting, improving, organizing, and then re-doing things again. It is a pattern. I have been there. We all have been there.

So here are my five ways to stop, slow down, and return to my balance.

1. Breathwork. Long Deep Breathing for just 3 minutes can change the outlook on any situation. Sitali pranayam (breathing in through the curled tongue, breathing out through the nose) is my new favorite one. It is a very cooling, cleansing breath that brings you into meditative state rather quickly…and that’s very relaxing.

2. Solitude. At least once a week, I carve out a day when I can be completely alone. While being quiet home alone,  I get to listen to what is happening inside.  Alone time is a reflection time and it is planning time. Clearly understanding where I am and where I want to go is what makes me love these evenings of solitude so much.

3. Cup of Yogi tea warms the soul and gives you energy (recipe). Extra ginger will pick you up! It is a very nourishing drink with numerous health benefits. It is a part of self-care routine. Cooking a cup of yogi tea, throwing all the spices in, makes me feel like a witch over her pot of magic herbs.

4. A long one hour Savasana. Seriously. Just let yourself do it when you need to.  By Nature’s design, woman is a mother. Even if she does not have children or her children are already grown up, she embodies this archetype in her. She has a vast innate capacity to nurture. But when a woman is out of balance, the mother role can be taken too far and woman might feel obligated to take care of everyone and everything around her. She ends up overextending herself helping others and forgetting to take care of herself. This leaves her feeling depleted and overburdened by responsibility. I know this one too. So just lie down and tell your mind that now is your time to take care of yourself by doing nothing!  Of course, it’s the trickiest part.

5. Warm bubble bath. Our physical body is the home of our emotions (water element). By relaxing our body, we relax our emotions and our mind. Giving your body love and care will leave you feeling nurtured and self-loved.

These are my top five ways to reduce stress. What is your favorite way to relax and feel Goddess like again?



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