How gossiping might ruin your finances

There is an unlikely link between financial troubles a woman might experience and how much she gossips. By being consciously aware of your speech, you can build up your material stability or you can ruin it. Our words create our world. Our gossip can destroy our wealth.

For the past year, I have been studying Vedic astrology or Jyotish. The interesting phenomena that I have discovered is that our speech has direct relationship on our finances. In astrology, each person has 12 houses in the natal chart. These houses represent various areas in a person’s life. Second house is generally considered  a house of material wealth, cash inflow and outflow, the quality of foods we eat, family happiness in childhood, etc. Second house also happens to be a house of mouth and speech.

People who have issues around finances or have afflictions to their 2nd house in the chart, are often prescribed to take speech austerity as a remedial measure for financial problems. Austerity of speech involves not talking about someone in non-pleasing manner, not criticizing someone directly or behind their back and, of course, not gossiping.

Do I gossip? But I am just sharing information with others! What is gossip anyways?

Gossip is talking about folks who are not present. Those parts of our brain involved with survival impel us to gossip. Aside from possible financial implications, gossiping is animal in nature and is not the practice of a conscious human. Every wisdom tradition warns us against ill effect of it.

“If the ear does not hear malicious gossip, heart is not grieved” – African proverb

Gossip is very attractive to the woman’s mind, because her nature is to protect. She wants to know what will hurt and where the problem is. So her immediate reaction is to listen and spread the gossip that could prevent trouble and misfortune.

Sometimes we gossip because we seek conspirational intimacy with the audience. Gossip gives us inside intelligence about things or people we generally don’t have access to. It’s a rich ground for imagination and explanation of events and things people do.

Underneath it all lies fear and tendency of a human mind to rationalize why certain things are they way they are.

Because gossip is about people whom we never met or who are not present, it is not self-correcting, which simply means it could be not true.

How to improve gossiping habit

Here are few golden rules that help avoid being a “croaking crow”:

  • If you would rather not say things about someone in front of them, don’t say it.
  • If you don’t have anything good to say about someone else or a situation, don’t say anything at all.
  • If someone comes to you and starts telling you a gossip, you have a choice to disengage, change the topic, or simply say you don’t feel comfortable talking about it.
  • Silence is golden.

Any communication is an extension of who you are. You are declaring to the world about yourself through the words you speak. People will know who you are in a few words, more than on the topic of conversation.

Do you think people do not know you? People don’t know you only when you don’t open your mouth. Open your mouth, say three words and you are very well-known.” – Yogi Bhajan

Astrology, especially, Jyotish, shows us how everything is connected in our lives. Seemingly unrelated things are bound on a subtle level and this connection is not apparent to us in material world. I encourage you to nix gossiping for the next 40 days as a practice. See if you notice any improved stability around your finances or new opportunities opening up.

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