Simple ways to raise feminine energy

Simple ways to raise feminine energy

In my previous post I talked about what is lunar energy and why every woman needs to accumulate it. Adopting behavior that increases feminine energy makes a woman happy and satisfied from within. It increase her radiance and beauty to the level that she can share it with others. Feminine lunar energy also:

calms woman’s mind
provides strength and support to all family members
gives her opportunity to create
relaxes and fills her with light from within
regulates hormonal system of a woman
inspires her man
gives her beauty of womanhood that captivates a man so much

Below are some ideas for raising feminine energy, taken from Vedas and adopted to the modern world.

Beauty and self care

The process of everyday self care fills a woman with energy. What we devote out time and attention to, always increases and intensifies. The process of self care creates an effect of a very calming meditation on a woman’s mind. To start loving yourself, start taking a good care of your body, hair, and skin.

Get a massage. Some jokingly call massage a “divorce prevention therapy”. We often underestimate the power of a massage, finding excuses such as time or money, not to do it. However, a quality massage can relieve stress and disperse stagnant energy in the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Hair care. Any hair care increases the energy of a woman. You can do in a beauty salon or you can do it at home. Your hair is your crowning glory as a woman. Some tips for beautiful and strong hair can be found here.

Warm bubble bath with aromatherapy oils at the end of the working day will relax you muscles and calm your emotions, while oils moisturize your skin. Turn off the lights, light up some candles, put on some meditative music and enjoy your spa hour at home. Taking a warm bath before going to bed will improve your sleep.

Manicure and pedicure improve the mood and make you feel good and confident about yourself.

 Sauna cleanses the skin and is one of the best ancient ways to flush the toxins out of your body. Deep sweating in sauna is especially advised in cold climates where the body does not sweat naturally.

 Yoga or any other physical exercise. Yogi Bhajan stressed out that to be beautiful, slim and full of energy, women must exercise vigorously every day until there is sweat on the forehead.

 Dancing can enliven your mind while your body is getting an exercise. Dancing also develops flexibility and gracefulness. It is never too late to sign up for dance classes. Or you can simply dance at home while cooking or cleaning the house. Why not?

 Take a walk by yourself. It is a perfect exercise. Walking few miles a day will keep your pelvic bones and spine flexible and in alignment. Moving the hips everyday is essential for woman’s emotional balance. Get up and walk without any purpose, just to breath some fresh air, to look around, to get some sun on your skin. Don’t rush and smell the roses along the way as you go.

 Go shopping to buy something new to wear. When you like how you look, those around you feel it. Your clothing is your self-expression and part of your projection to outer world. Sometimes clothes wears out “energetically”. For example, the dress is in great condition and stills looks good on you, but you just do not want to wear it anymore. Time to get something new! Try feminine, tender, and light colors. Experiment with dresses and skirts. Indulge yourself in shopping therapy, try new things on. You will feel better without even buying anything.

 Wear feminine clothes. Jeans and pants might be convenient, but are not good for woman’s energy. Skirts helps to establish circulation of feminine energy in your body. It improves hormonal balance of a woman and helps in treating various ‘women’s’ diseases. If you are not able to wear skirts or dresses all the time, wear them at least at home. Floor length skirts are the best for accumulating the energy of the Earth and concentrating it in woman’s womb.

 Declutter the space around you. Saving old or unused things because you feel bad about throwing them away, does not let the NEW to come into your life. Clutter can quietly suck the energy out. It happens on a subtle level and affects our psyche. Perform a spring cleaning of all the shelves, boxes, tables, surfaces, and cupboards in your apartment on a regular basis and see how it changes the way you feel. Throw away or donate anything that brings old or unpleasant memories. It is amazing how it works!

 Good diet consists of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cook with love and bless your food before you eat it. Blessing the food changes its’ molecular structure to a healing and healthy one. According to Ayurveda, woman should and must eat sweets. Sweets and desserts increase lunar energy. If the weight is a concern, eat sweets before noon.

 Sing. You don’t have to have an absolute hearing to sing. Woman’s vocal cords have several tones more than those of a man. Nature made you that way. Your vocal chords sound smoother. Regular signing or chanting can make your voice softer, and even more pleasant and melodic. Add chanting to your regular sadhana. It balances your throat chakra and relaxes the vocal cords.

 Meditate regularly. Woman mind needs relaxation on a regular basis. In my upcoming posts, I will talk more about a number of meditations in Kundalini Yoga, designed specifically for women. Read more about Adi Shakti meditation that helps to connect with your essence.

Communication and relationships

 Spend time with your girlfriends, not gossiping, but talking about something uplifting. Attend women circles to share and uplift each other, to give and receive support, to share your wisdom and advice. Telling compliments to other women, even behind their backs, is another very good practice of raising your energy.

 Express your love in any form: hug, kiss, say words of love, send a postcard. Don’t hold back and share your love. “Love is all we need.”

 Get involved in charity. Woman is a natural care giver and she gets fulfilled when she has the ability to take care of others. Don’t feel obligated, do it when you have the energy and desire to do it.

 Feed others. Everything that is related to feeding and sharing food is very beneficial to woman’s lunar energy. It does not matter who you feed – people or animals. When you take care of creatures who need love and compassion, you receive more than you give. For starters, simply take some bread to feed wild ducks  or squirrels in the park and see how your energy shifts.

 Give yourself a bouquet of flowers. Woman’s mood automatically improves when she looks at fresh beautiful flowers. And there is really nothing wrong with buying flowers for yourself. Try it.

 Spend some time in solitude with yourself, your soul. Alone time is a reflection time. Write a dairy, define your wish list, count you blessings, reflect and listen to what is happening inside of you.

 Take care of plants. Plants are very sensitive to our energy and can be used as a barometer of our energy levels. Healthy, green, and strong plants indicate that you are radiating corresponding energy. Plants love when you talk to them, they feel the positive vibrations and words of love.

 Read poetry and literature. Make a trip to a bookstore and glance through the books. Find something inspiring and uplifting for yourself: new cultures, spiritual literature, biographies of great people. Find your favorite poet that you might have forgotten about and re-read his/her works again.

Visit a museum to look at beautiful, exquisite objects of art. When a woman looks at beautiful objects, she herself becomes more beautiful.

Tell yourself positive affirmations. Yogi Bhajan said: “Accept yourself early in the morning when you look in the mirror or when you open your eyes—just say, “By the Grace of God, I am a complete woman.” One affirmation only, and remember it throughout the day. Dress up for yourself, be for yourself, and carry yourself. You will never be handicapped.”

Make  a plan or a to do list. Woman feels very happy when everything goes according to the plan, when things go “as expected”. So plan you day/weekend/holiday and don’t worry about caring all ideas in your mind.

This list is to be continued. Please share in the comments below your ways of connecting to your feminine essence. I would love to hear from you.


As always, I am grateful to all of my teachers, whose teachings made it possible for me to write these posts.

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