How to make your wishes come true?

How to make your wishes come true? Part 1.

We all want love, comfort, prosperity, health, and security. On a common scale, these are the factors that make us happy and satisfied.

The question is how do we get there?

In the past two years I have come closer to the answer because all of my wishes were fulfilled. Every. Single. One. How do I know it? Well, mainly because I wrote them down and can re-read them now.

For the most part of my life, I did not really know what I wanted. Well, vaguely somewhere I knew I wanted to have love, comfort, health, and security. Until one day two years ago, I was sitting on Samui island in Thailand, sipping my morning coffee, I thought: what if I actually wrote down what I want to happen in the next year? And what is it that my heart truly desires for myself? It was a fun exercise,  and in an hour I came up a with a list —  a wish list. The timing was perfect for planning — middle of January, so I had a whole year ahead to work with. I kept thinking, what was the worst that can happen? Some of those items might not materialize, but some of them might as well just come true.

In that list, I covered how I wanted to feel, what I would like to achieve in my career and spiritual life,  travel plans, living conditions, and many others aspects. I wrote down every single detail I could come up with.

Looking back at what happened then and the list, made me realize, that a wish list gives you:

Focus. Having a concrete list of things to achieve, makes you focused and gives you the ability to stay on track. It keeps your goals and intentions clear, while at the same time helping you not to get sidetracked by details.

Ability to think and dream big. Once you realize the power of manifestation, it allows you to break through the imaginary ceiling in your mind  of what you can and cannot do. And this is truly mind opening.

Strategy. Having a wish list is like having one year plan of your life in front of you. You can plan your moves ahead and be prepared for opportunities when they come. It makes you ready to act when timing is right.

Bigger picture to keep in mind when things get crazy and out of control in daily life. Stress and daily routine can make you forget about the grand plan and absorb you in tiny and unimportant details.

Gratitude. Because you can actually see that the items on that list came true. The Universe has beed working for your benefit while you were sleeping cozy in your bed. It gives you appreciation of all the things the happened in your life because your can actually go over and list them. You have a written list to count your blessings!

All of my wishes that I wrote on that list came true in the following year. I decided to keep this practice and continue doing so today.

We need goals to make them happen. When you put your intentions out there, you create a picture of a desired outcome and ask the Creative Force to assist you in accomplishing it. Writing wish list does not mean sitting around and waiting for things to fall onto your lap. You need to be able to translate the items on your list into a roadmap of what needs to be done to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals.

Realize that you are a co-creative force and your participation is necessary to build the life of your dreams. Accept that responsibility.

So go ahead, take your favorite pen and sketch out the first three things that come into your mind. What is that you would like to happen in 2014? Read the tips below as you write your wishes.

How to write wish list:

– Be very clear in your intentions. Send a clear message.
– Be sure of what you want. You should be able to relate to what you are asking for.
– Be detailed and specific. Write as many details as possible about the object of your desire. List all the qualities that you would like it to have.
– You can cover any aspects of your life: career, love and family life, travel, material possessions, personal growth. Allow and don’t limit yourself.
– Be ready and open to receive that what you ask for.
– Be sincere and humble. Ask reverently.
– Have fun!

Universe is Infinite. There is enough for everyone.

In the second part I will cover some of the main aspects how to get closer to achieving your goals.

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