How to make your wishes come true?

How to make your wishes come true? Part 2.

In the first part (Part 1), I talked about the technique to make your wishes come true. Writing a wish list is the first step in fulfilling your dreams. Universe will do its part if you do yours. Here are some do’s and don’s that will help you to make that list come true.

Do your Sadhana
Establish your Sadhana – your daily spiritual practice. Continue to work on yourself every day. Expand your aura. Strengthen your magnetic field. Work on clearing that signal. Align and attune yourself to the Infinite Flow. When you do your daily practice, you do your part of the agreement. You can start with just a three minute meditation in the morning, and further expand it over time. The keyword is “daily”.

“Getting up for sadhana in the morning is a totally selfish act- for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline, and overall for absolute personal prosperity.” –Yogi Bhajan

Work on your projection
Observe your inner state, keeping in mind that “like attracts like”. For a woman, it means being balanced, stable, and radiant. It means being relaxed (Five tips for relaxation). Yogi Bhajan talked about  the concept: “Woman Is a Living Prayer.” Woman is constantly in a state of prayer, meaning the quality of her projection attracts corresponding events in her life. Your inner state is constantly vibrating out corresponding qualities and interacting with the Universal Magnetic Field. Those qualities are reflected back at you.

Develop your trust
Don’t project neediness. After your set your intentions, stay calm and patient. Universe needs time to arrange all the circumstances to make it happen for you. Trust and patience are essential in this process.

Come from your heart
When you put the items on your list, don’t project from your ego, go deeper into your heart. Align with your heart’s desires. Ask yourself, what will bring me closer to authentic living? What does it mean for me to live in a heart-centered world?

Don’t worry
After you set your goals, don’t worry about them or think how exactly they will come true. Don’t “hustle”. Make your intentions clear and continue with your life.

Develop an attitude of gratitude
Notice when miracles start happening in your life. Be grateful and feel blessed. Count those blessing. Re-read your wish list and dwell in gratitude that your desires have been fulfilled. Our default mantra is always: “Thank you.” Thank you, God. Thank you, angels. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Creative Power. Create your own version of a “Thank you” mantra.

And remember, Universe has three answers for you:

1. Yes
2. Yes, but later
3. I have something better for you


– Mahanbir

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