New Video – Meditation for Rejuvenation

Are you feeling tired or low energy lately? This Kundalini meditation is a great way to help your body heal and rejuvenate. It can be considered a medical meditation as it is strong enough to help your system fight disease. Do it when you need that extra kick to help your body relax and rejuvenate. In this meditation, you will be stimulating your glandular system invoking your body’s natural capacity to heal, as glands are guardians of your health.

How to do meditation for rejuvenation:

  • Sit in easy cross-legged position, arms down along your sides, elbows snug against your ribs.
  • Join your hands along the side of your palms and little fingers touching. Spread your fingers and thumbs apart, so your hands are forming a bowl.
  • Eyes focused at the tip of your nose looking at distant ground and beyond.
  • Breath pattern should be done precisely: inhale through semi-puckered lips, hold the breath for 4 secs (one silent repetition of mantra Sa Ta Na Ma), exhale powerfully in four strokes though your nose chanting Sa-Ta-Na-Ma as you exhale, hold the breath out for 2 secs mentally chanting Wahe Guru. Start the breath pattern again.

Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma means Infinity Life Death Rebirth. It is powerful subconscious cleanser.
Mantra Wahe Guru means Ecstasy beyond all descriptions.

See the video for more instructions:

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