Moon centers

Moon Centers – guide to your moods

“Woman is the moon. It wanes and waxes. Everything grows because of the moon. Everything ripens because of the sun. And everything is conceived because of the combination of the harmony and those two polarities of male and female, sun and moon.”

- Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever noticed that your mood shifts from day to day or even from hour to hour? At one point you feel very argumentative, and ready to prove your point no matter what it takes!  But just a few moments later you say calmly: “I am going for a walk” and you go outside to contemplate nature feeling quite peacefully. “You keep changing your decisions!” you might hear from your man. Women have always been labeled unpredictable, constantly changing their minds and demeanor.

The answer to this behavior is in the Moon and in the affect it has on us, women. Women are ruled by the Moon. In the philosophy of Kundalini yoga, women are referred to as “Lunar Beings”. Woman waxes and wanes emotionally according to her internal moon. There are 11 places in a woman’s body or 11 moon centers through which “inner moon” travels every 2 1/2 days. When woman’s internal moon travels through these 11 centers, it causes mood changes and shifts in how she perceives her reality. This strong relationship between woman and her lunar vibrations manifest themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Both men and women have moon center in the chin. But while men have only one center for receiving moon energies, woman has 11 additional centers. Each woman has individual cycle of movement of the moon through her centers, which repeats every 28 days. This unique cycle develops early on, when she is in the womb, right after conception. This cycle, called Moon Center Sequence, is the subtlest and most significant cycle a woman can sense and experience. It is your personal lunar chart of the body that you can map out by being attentive and sensitive. This cycle, however, might change due to a strong emotional shock. (Later in this post, you can find a meditation to balance your moon centers.)

The moon centers relate directly to specific qualities that a woman uses to process her environments and emotions.

Below are the 11 moon centers and their emotional and behavioral qualities that change every 2 1/2 days:

1. Hairline: the arc line. When moon is visiting your hairline moon center, you feel steady, stable. The other qualities are divine clarity and reality. Nothing can move you an inch. A woman is real when her moon is in her hairline, her arc line, her halo. She is most authentic at this time.

2. Cheeks: the pink of the cheeks. You are almost our of control when the moon is in the pink of the cheeks. It is a dangerous spot. You are unpredictable and lacking in restraint.

3. Lips: You are very talkative.

4. Ear lobes: You will always discuss values and ethics as these topics will be primary concern.

5. Back of the neck: When you moon is here, you are sensitive and romantic. You want to communicate on a very romantic frequency. It is such a foolish time that one little flower or little gesture can make you go crazy.

6. Breasts:You are compassionate and giving to the extent of foolishness.

7. Belly button or a corresponding spot on the back of the spine: You are most insecure during this time. You might feel exposed and vulnerable.

8. Inner thighs: You want to confirm everything. You are verifying and affirming.

9. Eyebrows: You are very imaginative and dreamy, building sand castles. You are visionary and illusionary. God knows what you will do.

10. Clitoris: Your mood is to socialize, talk, and meet new people. You are oriented externally.

11. Membrane of the Vagina: You feel social, sharing personally and deeply.

As your moon shifts, your mood changes. Every 2 1/2 days you see the world through the quality of the center your moon is in. During those 2 1/2 days you will apply those certain qualities to you projects and ideas, to your creativity.

By listening to yourself and your body intently, you can map out your Moon Center Sequence and predict where your internal moon is and where it is going next. Your unique Moon Center pattern does not depend on the actual phase of the moon or your personal menstrual cycle. It stays with you though out your entire life, although is may be more evident to you at different times in life.

Mapping your Moon Center can take time, patience, and sensitivity. So get yourself a nice notebook where you will make notes each day how you feel and where you think your moon is for about three months. After at least three months your pattern can become clear. Knowing your Moon Center Cycle can explain many patterns that have been so mysterious to you in the past.  It gives you insight into your emotional and behavioral fluctuations and patterns of your psyche. Once your know your moon, you can choose to ride the energy of it rather than being caught unprepared by a sudden shift. Have fun learning about your Moon and yourself :)

Kirtan Kriya for Balancing Moon Centers

Kirtan Kriya is considered the highest meditation for a woman. Aside from numerous other benefits, this kriya (or complete action) helps to clear the aura from past partners and accelerates the healing process related to negative relationship experiences. It gives a woman a brilliant internal radiance. It stimulates your pituitary and pineal glands which makes you calm and balanced despite what current circumstances in your life might be.

The mantra for Kirtan Kriya is Saa Taa Naa Maa is called Panj Shabd or five sounds, which represent the wheel of life.

Saa – Infinity, cosmos, beginning, birth
Taa – life, experience
Naa – death, totality, transition
Maa – rebirth, renewal

This particular version of Kirtan Kriya is for women only. Mentally chanting the mantra in the belly position with your chin on the floor balances your Moon Centers.

lie on your stomach, placing chin on the floor
your head is straight
arms alongside your body, palms facing up

Closed, focused on a 3d eye (point between your brows)

Hand position:
Mentally chant mantra, pressing together
Index and thumb fingers on sound Saa
Middle and thumb fingers on sound Taa
Ring and thumb fingers on Naa
Pinkie and thumb on Maa

Press the fingers firmly enough to feel the pressure. As you chant mentally, visualize every sounds as if entering from the crown of your head and exiting through the third eye forming ‘L’ shape.

Time: 3-31 min


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