Sacred Beat by Yoginroll

My friend from Russia Prabhu Jap Singh recently recorded an amazing album and made it available for you to download. Enjoy!

From his site:

«Welcome to Sacred beat — the soundspace of sacred vibrations. First album of Yoginroll will take you on a groovy sound-journey in which the ancient texts are interwoven with the energy of contemporary sound. Sacred beat album is a result of the creative synergy of two friends from Russia and was conceived as a discovery of new musical horizons. Prabhu Jap Singh — a lead singer of Yoginroll, who has grown from a successful rock musician to yoga teacher. His beautiful and inspiring vocals with great back vocals of Natasha Che, lead listeners through the energy of sacred texts. The musical part of the album was produced by Taff, a musician who has many years experimenting with electronic music and draws his inspiration from the ancient practice of yoga. Let the rhythm of the music in yourself, give yourself to the rhythm of life and the cosmos»

visit YOGINROLL website

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