oh sacred woman

Oh sacred woman, why do you look outside yourself for validation and satisfaction?

Oh, Sacred Woman

Oh sacred woman, why do you look outside yourself for validation and satisfaction?
Oh sacred woman, acknowledge yourself and turn your attention to the true contentment that is always available in the silent contemplation of your soul.

Oh embodiment of Goddess, why do you want others to give you what dwells within?
Oh embodiment of Goddess, attach yourself to your own heart and always relate to yourself with love.

Oh divine woman, why do you beg for what is already yours?
Oh divine woman, simply claim your birthright to share abundance by honoring the Earth Mother and connecting with the natural forces that spontaneously give to those who are available to receive.

Oh blessed woman, why do you not appreciate and enjoy your infinite beauty?
Oh blessed woman, give yourself permission to ignite and savor your radiance which shines like the Sun to bless and uplift all.

Oh mother of humankind, why do you not understand that you are the creative vessel of the Divine Mother?
Oh mother of humankind, wake up to your position and power and share your love so that all may be awakened by your nurturing and graceful presence.

Oh Shakti woman, control, cleverness, stressful efforting, and victimized blaming will not free you to enjoy your divinity.
Oh Shakti woman, true emancipation is achieved by surrendering yourself to the innocence and purity in your own heart and the power of your Shakti essence.

Oh graceful woman, do not negate your unique embodiment of the Mother with self-criticism.
Your unique flower blooms when you water it with the potent nectar of self-love.

Oh beautiful woman, let Mother Earth teach you, and use her as your touchstones.
Accept her invitation to BE
As inspiring as the promise at sunrise.
As radiant as the Sun at noonday.
As content as the completion at sunset.
As serene as the calm in the starry night sky.

Oh woman, claim your greatness as a sacred, divine, blessed embodiment of Goddess.

Poem by Guru Rattana from her “The Gift of Womanhood” book

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