Woman’s Lunar Nature

Woman’s Lunar Nature

Woman’s dissatisfaction and unhappiness come from misunderstanding of her nature as a woman. Understanding her nature and design helps a woman to love and respect herself and become an agent of change  through internal transformation. Woman’s job is to live her life and act as a woman.

 “The first principle required for a woman to understand herself is that she must accept very firmly that she is a woman and she is now. …When you write it, you should write it like this I AM A WOMAN. Do you know what that means? You are one of a kind.” -Yogi Bhajan

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Meditation to Remove Negative Thoughts

In this video I share Kundalini Meditation to Remove Negative Thoughts. This simple meditation with pranayam (breathing exercises) helps to eliminate the thoughts you dislike.
It is my savior whenever my mind goes into negative mental loop. It works, and it works fast! It helps to remove mental conflict and reduces stress caused by it. It breaks through the chain of negative thinking. You can practice this meditation whenever you catch yourself negatively talking to yourself or criticizing yourself as well. It protects you from sabotaging yourself and creating problems by thinking the same thought over and over again.

Ideally, this meditation should be practiced 11 min, but in this video I show it only for 5 min.

I hope you find it helpful! It is such a great relief to let go of persistent negative thinking and see the broader picture again.


Kundalini Yoga for women. Beautiful hair natural way - 5 easy tips.

Beautiful hair natural way – 5 easy tips

When I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, I began growing my hair.  I don’t remember making a special decision about it,  but remember that it  felt natural and right for the moment. So I just let my hair be and stopped cutting it every month. And as somebody, who always had short haircuts before, and who has long hair now, I must say to all women: your beauty is in your hair. It is your crowning glory as a woman.

Aside from the beauty aspect, kundalini yogis consider long hair a gift of Nature and pay special attention to it. Uncut hair works as a subtle antenna for the body maintaining it’s electromagnetic health. In fact, the hair is so important that the ancient word for consciousness kundalini derives from the word kundal which means “a coil of the beloved’s hair.”

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Center SF Bamboo Studio where Kundalini Yoga classes are held.

Announcing new weekly Kundalini Yoga class

I am very excited that I will be teaching a weekly early morning Kundalini Yoga class at the CenterSF.

Practicing yoga and meditation during the ambrosial hours at sunrise is a very special experience.  It is perfect time to empty oneself and to hear God. There is much prana – life force energy – during these hours. It is when nature wakes up, birds start singing and flowers open up. Sunrise naturally coincides with bodily rhythms. It is quiet time, free of distractions, when pituitary gland is the most active and thus the most effective time for Sadhana – daily spiritual practice. Continue reading

Yogi Tea Recipe and why you should know how to make it

Why you should know how to make Yogi Tea

Yogi tea is a delicious drink that acts as a mild stimulant and has numerous health benefits. It is Ayurvedic substitute for coffee and is a natural tonic for the nervous system. It clears the mind and can bring you out of discouragement and depression, leaving you feeling balanced and nourished instead. Yogic scriptures mention that woman should avoid stimulating drinks, but yogi tea suits her very well. Continue reading