Returning to Source

Thanks to Kundalini Co-op, we had the most amazing time at “Returning to Source” Kundalini Yoga workshop this past Sunday.

We had 4 Kundalini Yoga teachers, including me, start the workshop with yoga sets followed by double gong meditation. M-m-m-m I still feel absolutely blissed out after our intense practice.

For lunch we had local raw food prepared by two beautiful women from Living Life. And I really wish I took pictures of it, because it was a piece of art.

Andreas Karelas spoke about his project Re-Volv – crowd funded Solar Energy. I encourage you consider donating for this amazing cause. Currently, Re-volv is raising money for Kehilla Community synagogue in Oakland, CA.

Watch a video and donate:

Cassie Thornton spoke about Debt Resistance and Strike Debt! movement. Yes, you can resist debt!

More info at and Facebook.

Thank you everyone who attended for being you. This event reminded me how beautiful all humans are. I am proud to know you.

Sat Nam!


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