Self-oil massage

Self-oil massage – envelope your body in love

There is an amazing tool in Ayurveda that not only improves the skin, but can also change the way a woman walks, talks, and carries herself. This tool is called Abhyanga, the term used to describe an Ayurvedic self-oil massage. It is recommended for everyone at any age, from a new born baby to an elderly person. Just 15-20 min of self-oil massage provides a sense of nurturing, grounding, and nourishment for an entire body. By massaging your body with warm oil, you envelope you body in love.

Few people know what an astounding effect it can have on a woman’s beauty. A nervous, stressed out woman hardly ever looks beautiful. But calming, nurturing effect of self-oil massage relaxes the body and has a very calming nurturing effect on the nervous system. Wrinkles smooth out and a sense of peace enters your body with every stroke.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts especially outline the benefits of massaging with oil scalp, ears and feet. Because Ayurveda considers scalp, feet and ears to be maps representing other parts of the body, massaging these areas can benefit other bodily systems. Oil massage for scalp stimulates the roots of the hair and promotes shiny lustrous hair.

Self-oil massage is especially beneficial for people with dominating Vata dosha, since it has calming, relaxing effect on them. Pitta and Kapha also benefit from self-oil massage.

Ideally, self-oil massage should be done everyday, but twice a week for 20 min is a good start. Pick an oil of your choice. Lavender oil will have a relaxing effect, while Lemon scent improves concentration. You can buy an oil for bath and body or simply use regular sesame or olive oil from food store.

The video below I found particularly helpful in explaining the order and technique in which self-oil massage should be done.

Few highlights from the video:

  •  Choose a leisurely day to try the self-oil massage for the first time
  •  Warm the oil by placing the bottle into hot water for 5 min. Don’t skip this step, it makes a huge difference!
  •  Fold a bath towel and seat comfortably in a warm room
  •  Apply the oil to an entire body starting with scalp, face, and ears.  Use long strokes on limbs and circular strokes on joints.
  •  Massage an entire body with love and patience in clockwise circular motion. Make sure to massage your breasts and underarms.

Note: I am not associated with Banyan Botanicals in any way, but happen to use their products and I find this video very helpful.


Give this ancient technique a try and lovingly cherish your body with a self-oil massage.


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