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Self-oil massage

Self-oil massage – envelope your body in love

There is an amazing tool in Ayurveda that not only improves the skin, but can also change the way a woman walks, talks, and carries herself. This tool is called Abhyanga, the term used to describe an Ayurvedic self-oil massage. It is recommended for everyone at any age, from a new born baby to an elderly person. Just 15-20 min of self-oil massage provides a sense of nurturing, grounding, and nourishment for an entire body. By massaging your body with warm oil, you envelope you body in love.

Few people know what an astounding effect it can have on a woman’s beauty. A nervous, stressed out woman hardly ever looks beautiful. But calming, nurturing effect of self-oil massage relaxes the body and has a very calming nurturing effect on the nervous system. Wrinkles smooth out and a sense of peace enters your body with every stroke. Continue reading

Kundalini Yoga for women. Beautiful hair natural way - 5 easy tips.

Beautiful hair natural way – 5 easy tips

When I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, I began growing my hair.  I don’t remember making a special decision about it,  but remember that it  felt natural and right for the moment. So I just let my hair be and stopped cutting it every month. And as somebody, who always had short haircuts before, and who has long hair now, I must say to all women: your beauty is in your hair. It is your crowning glory as a woman.

Aside from the beauty aspect, kundalini yogis consider long hair a gift of Nature and pay special attention to it. Uncut hair works as a subtle antenna for the body maintaining it’s electromagnetic health. In fact, the hair is so important that the ancient word for consciousness kundalini derives from the word kundal which means “a coil of the beloved’s hair.”

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