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Simple ways to raise feminine energy

Simple ways to raise feminine energy

In my previous post I talked about what is lunar energy and why every woman needs to accumulate it. Adopting behavior that increases feminine energy makes a woman happy and satisfied from within. It increase her radiance and beauty to the level that she can share it with others. Feminine lunar energy also:

calms woman’s mind
provides strength and support to all family members
gives her opportunity to create
relaxes and fills her with light from within
regulates hormonal system of a woman
inspires her man
gives her beauty of womanhood that captivates a man so much

Below are some ideas for raising feminine energy, taken from Vedas and adopted to the modern world.

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Meditation to Remove Negative Thoughts

In this video I share Kundalini Meditation to Remove Negative Thoughts. This simple meditation with pranayam (breathing exercises) helps to eliminate the thoughts you dislike.
It is my savior whenever my mind goes into negative mental loop. It works, and it works fast! It helps to remove mental conflict and reduces stress caused by it. It breaks through the chain of negative thinking. You can practice this meditation whenever you catch yourself negatively talking to yourself or criticizing yourself as well. It protects you from sabotaging yourself and creating problems by thinking the same thought over and over again.

Ideally, this meditation should be practiced 11 min, but in this video I show it only for 5 min.

I hope you find it helpful! It is such a great relief to let go of persistent negative thinking and see the broader picture again.


Meditation For Emotional Balance

Meditation for Emotional Balance or Sunia(n) Antar Meditation.

In this video I demonstrate 3 minute meditation for emotional balance. This meditation is great for women when feeling worried or upset. If you feel like crying and don’t know what to do, this meditation is for you.
Drink a glass of water before practicing this meditation. The time can be extended gradually to 11 minutes.