Wake Up Yogic Way


Wake Up, Warm Up, and Get Up

If, before getting up and before opening your eyes, you spend one minute doing the following things, you will preserve your health and prevent desease.

1. Clench your fingers

2. Move your shoulders in a circle

3. Tense and release your lower back

4. Point your toes

5. With your hands flat at your side, stretch your whole body

6. Curl around sinously like a snake, 3 inches left and right

7. Put the palms of your hands over the eyes, open your eyes while your hands are covering them, and then slowly move your hands forward and away from your eyes. In this way your eyes become gently introduced  to the first light of the day.

8. Massage your mouth and face with the palms of both hands

9. Cat stretch left and right

10. Raise your head up slowly and pull your knees to your chest.

 Now get up and enjoy the day.

This routine is very helpful on those days when you have to get up and you don’t want to. – Yogi Bhajan (Physical Wisdom, p.25, March 1992)


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Wake up Yogic Way

Wake up Yogic Way

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