Woman’s Lunar Nature

Woman’s Lunar Nature

Woman’s dissatisfaction and unhappiness come from misunderstanding of her nature as a woman. Understanding her nature and design helps a woman to love and respect herself and become an agent of change  through internal transformation. Woman’s job is to live her life and act as a woman.

 “The first principle required for a woman to understand herself is that she must accept very firmly that she is a woman and she is now. …When you write it, you should write it like this I AM A WOMAN. Do you know what that means? You are one of a kind.” -Yogi Bhajan

Woman’s energetic nature and design are fundamentally different from those of a man.  This was never explained to me and was a source of great confusion and self-criticism. When I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, I learnt that woman’s nature is Lunar. She waxes and wanes like a Moon and she is influenced by different phases of the Moon, constantly shifting, changing, flowing. Moon moves through a different zodiac sign every two and half days, causing fluctuations in moods. Man’s energy on the other hand is Solar. Man is represented by Sun energy, which is constant, stable, and continuous. Both, male and female, polarities are good but have their “carrier” in the physical form.

Feminine energy is lunar energy, which is soft, tender, peaceful, flowing, and has a cooling effect on everything around it. Male energy is energy of the Sun, which is brave, powerful, aggressive, active, singular, one-pointed, focused. It is energy of leadership, achievements, overcoming barriers. This energy has a heating effect.

The girl is born already complete, she does not need to “become” anything. She is born to experience her own completeness and wholeness. She is born with a certain amount of energy. Her task throughout life is not to lose this energy and replenish it when needed. Men, on the contrary, raise their energy by achieving, “becoming”, completing and overcoming. An interesting fact is that woman can accumulate both solar and lunar energies, while a man can receive lunar energy only through a woman.

It is very important for a woman to raise her lunar energy on a regular basis so that at the moment of crisis and stress, she can have the “cooling” effect on the situation for herself, her family, and her children. It is not a secret that a calm and relaxed woman is more effective and powerful. Woman, who has a good source of her feminine energy and is able to cool her own psyche, is able to soothe the whole family with her tranquility, her internal happiness, her peacefulness. And this is her main role.

When a woman adopts solar behavior and starts competing with men, her lunar energy dissipates very quickly. The void is filled with the energy of the Sun. That makes her anxious, restless, aggressive, stressed out, and prone to diseases.

Below I will list activities that raise solar and lunar energies for comparison.

 Solar energy is increased by:

  • Goal setting
  • Competition
  • Commitment
  • Disputes
  • Risk taking
  • Rivalry
  • Money
  • Victory
  • Power and influence
  • Leadership
  • Recognition
  • Respect
  • Domination
  • Achieving goals
  • Solving problems
  • Urgency

Lunar energy is raised by:

Sharing – Lunar energy is raised by ability to share with others: sharing concerns, sharing responsibilities, sharing food with others, or simply sharing something interesting in conversation.

Communication – Ability to communicate about everything. Long conversations with other women in person or on the phone are actually advised to a woman.

Security – Feeling secure increases woman’s lunar balance and recharges her patience ‘battery’ and makes her more patient.

Cleanliness and purity in clothes, environments, relationships. Clean dishes and floors in your apartment increase lunar energy.

Beautiful objects always increase lunar energy of a woman. According to Vedic scriptures, man should dress his woman as beautifully as he possibly can, so at the moment of stress or extreme crisis, he himself could not go crazy. It is a very practical investment on his part. Woman increases her lunar energy by looking at beautiful things: flowers, nature in general, exquisite objects.

Trust – Ability to trust and be trusted. Feeling that you can trust and open up also increases lunar reserve.

Cooperation – Ability to cooperate and do something together.

Delegation – Women should share their difficulties and delegate their tasks to others as a way to improve and enhance their feminine energy.

Compliments and praise – These make a woman very happy. Many parents are afraid to compliment their daughters thinking that it can make them egotistical. In fact, Vedas point that there is no limit to how much a girl can be praised. The more compliments she gets, the more energy and happiness she receives.

Expression of love – Being able to express her love in any form makes a woman extremely resistant to most tragic crisis in the family, in the country and in any area where the woman lives, works, and communicates.

Different types of woman’s skills. According to Vedas, higher education of a girl is comprised  of her skills in embroidery, knitting, making stuffed toys, decorating, playing instruments, etc. She should be imaginative enough to come up with a fairytale for a child when there is no book available, or put up a theater performance with no script or decorations at hand.

Ability to feed others and to share food. Woman turns her blood into milk to feed her offspring.  Ability to nourish is the most basic, fundamental component of increasing lunar energy. It makes a woman very happy.  It does not matter if she has children or not, every woman embodies mother archetype in her.

Support. Ability to receive and give support also increases lunar energy of a woman. Women’s circles and group activities with other women are very beneficial.

Constancy, rhythm, confidence in future, regularity make feminine energy very strong and resistant to stress.  I have recently learned that having a consistent schedule and regime every day makes me so much more relaxed and efficient. It sounds so simple, but so powerful once I actually tried it.

In the next posts I will go deeper into more practical details and vedic recommendations on how to raise lunar energy of a woman. Signup to the blog below to get it in your mailbox.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear about how you experience solar and lunar energies in your life.

Sat nam

- Mahanbir

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